• The Era of the Always-On Business: BIXOLON’s Postal Sector Solutions

    Posted by BIXOLON October 1, 2019

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As the provision of post and parcel services to homes and businesses grows, so too is the investment in technology along the whole mail and parcel process of collection through to delivery. 


Traditional postal applications have been evolving for some time, but advancements are on-going as our “always-on” need has to be fulfilled in respect of collection and delivery requirements.


Counter services are being augmented with self-service kiosks and the ability to purchase and print stamps plus associated address labels is moving beyond our high street post offices to local conveniences stores or even at the point of collection from our own doorstep.


The postal sector is not alone witnessing the growing use of mobility. These devices can be used for extended period of time, so need to be ergonomic and lightweight with the ability to connect and be managed wired or wirelessly, locally or remotely across operating environments that are within a building or outside depending on the printing need.


The postal sector can see a diverse workforce with differing experience levels bolstered by a seasonal roles throughput the year. Therefore, any printers need to be straightforward to setup and use, plus the print quality needs to be consistent with each and every label across a range of operating environments.


Point-of-sale printers issuing transactional receipts, kiosk devices producing stamps, fixed printers that output sortation tags or mobile printers producing delivery notifications – BIXOLON has a print solution that is right for you.


Postal organisations are looking to be "greener". As the circular economy grows, so does the need to provide more sustainable printing solutions. Changing laws and business practises are seeing more environmentally conscious improvements and postal operations are at the forefront of trialling and implementing many of these.


BIXOLON has experience in sustainable labelling solutions and has worked with several customers to help them realise their environmental mandates. Energy saving and smart battery printers offer the option of a more environmentally-friendly linerless labelling solution that can improve your postal printing needs and save you money.


Receiving / Shipping


Printing labels for goods at the point of receipt

Reducing walk times and errors by labelling at the point of dispatch

Easy control and management of printers and label designs from wireless handheld and tablet devices

Print labels whenever and wherever on demand to streamline ship to order operations


Applicable Products


XT5-40, XD3-40d, SLP-DX420, SPP-L3000, SPP-L410


Proof of Delivery


Generate up to 40% more labels per roll and significantly reduce waste with linerless printing solutions

Notification of next delivery schedule when consignee's absence by B-linerless™

Create immediate and accurate delivery notes or invoices anywhere on the road

Easily provide new documents for unforeseen changes of delivery information

Minimize downtime and delays for frequent repair services caused by accidental drops

Streamline the order-to-cash process to increase profitability


Applicable Products


SPP-L3000, SPP-R200III, SPP-R310, SPP-R410


Point of Sales


Highly reliable printers and accessories

Printable discount coupons with the receipt

Compatibility with all major operating systems

Expand the sales with cloud printing support

Compatibility with payment solutions


Applicable Products


• SPP-R200III, SRP-350III, SRP-Q300B, BCD-3000


BIXOLON successes in the postal industry has extended from its own domestic market to international wins with several of these being global installations, so our Sales Representatives can answer your questions about implementing new print solutions or developing existing ones.


To find out more about BIXOLON’s range of printing solutions, visit or speak to your local BIXOLON Sales Representative.


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