• The Challenge: Reliable and Transparent e-Voting Solutions

    Posted by BIXOLON November 6, 2020

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A growing number of organizations in some democratic countries have introduced electronic voting systems with the aim of improving various aspects of the conventional voting process. E-Voting ensures faster vote count and tabulation alongside extremely accurate results, while reducing the chance for human error. Furthermore, it requires only the amount of ballot paper to be consumed for those who actually attend voting so the costs could be saved.  


On the other hand, security issues have always been conjunct with the e-Voting due to the lurking threats of fraud. The concerns over paperless elections have particularly intensified since it was revealed that the US voter registration database and public election sites had been targeted by hackers. Experts have laid great emphasis on a traceable e-Voting system combined with physically printed vote records that enables stringent audits. In which case, the voting machine prints a paper trail with protected voter’s identity after a voter selects a candidate by digital means. The collected paper trails remain as physical evidence to prove that electronic vote is correctly counted without manipulation.


BIXOLON’s SRP-Q300 Series, 3-inch cube type receipt printers are suitable to be integrated into this type of voting machine due to its compact size and simple design. Fast printing speed up to 220 mm/sec shortens the voters’ queuing time and the high print resolution ensures the accuracy of the ballot count. The reliable Thermal Print Head makes for the perfect solution to handle large volumes of ballot printing all day long, and the Auto Cutter reduces chance to reprint crumpled ballots causing delays. The SRP-Q300 Series delivers Direct Thermal printing operation without the need to replace toner or ink cartridges to print ballots and, they can be easily connected to the host system through a variety of interfaces including USB, Serial, Dual-band WLAN (2.4GHz and 5GHz) and Bluetooth 5.0 (MFi certified). In some places where power supply is not stable, smaller stand-alone voting machines are used for e-Voting. The SRP-Q300B with a built-in battery ensures longer than 18 hours of standalone operations which is ideal for integration in this application.


Paired with mobile devices, BIXOLON’s printing solutions could also offer support to the electronic pollbook to streamline the voter check-in process. The SRP-Q300B and SPP-R200ll (2-inch), SPP-R310 (3-inch) mobile receipt printers have widely been deployed for this use in North America. The e-pollbook is a portable all-in-one connected case combining a laptop or tablet, printer, and normal data capture devices such as a card reader or signature pad. It simplifies the voter check-in experience, as well as supports *Same Day Registration by offering a fast and smooth process for elections with a high turnout eliminating the need to scroll through hundreds of names in the traditional paper pollbook to mark voters’ signature near their name. The name is simply searched and eligibility is verified through the e-pollbook system, a ballot with appropriate style is automatically matched and printed from the printer on demand. This solution speeds up the whole process and saves voters’ waiting time while eliminating risks of marking a signature on the wrong line of name. 




BIXOLON provides an impressive line-up of Receipt, Mobile and Label printers with a wealth of customer support, which could improve security, reliability and efficiency of e-Voting. To learn more about the solutions, please visit or speak to your local representative.


*Same Day Registration (SDR) have been enacted in a total of 21 states plus the District of Columbia in U.S. as of 2020 to allow any qualified resident of the state to register to vote and cast a ballot all in that day. Cited from:


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