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    Posted by BIXOLON January 9, 2019

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As of January 1, 2018, the sale of cannabis for commercial use was enacted in California, the largest state in the United States. Since its introduction, nine states in the United States have now legalized cannabis for commercial use and thirty states have been approved the use of cannabis for medical purposes.

Canada has become the second country in the world to legalize cannabis after Uruguay, and Germany is looking to follow this the legalization, highlighting a trend in North America and Europe.

It is important to note that there are different ways to build a Cannabis Solution depending on the laws of the country or state. In general, the value chain of the Cannabis business is mainly composed of cultivation, production and processing / distribution / sales. Bixolon provides print tracking solutions for each stage, to help you make the right choice.

The amount and provenance of cannabis must be managed and reported to its provincial government from the planting to the sale in order to prevent relevant crimes including unauthorized transportation to other states and use by teenagers. Labeling is required to monitor its weight throughout the whole process.


SLP-TX220 (2” Thermal Transfer Label Printer)

  • Waterproof & Durable label bands
  • Plant label band solutions




SPP-L310 (3” Mobile Label Printer)

  • Easy and highly affordable mobile tracking labels




SLP-TX400 RFID (4" RFID Label Printer)

  • RFID encoding supported







Distribution is also responsible for transporting cannabis among licensed carriers, and it is necessary to consistently monitor their location.


 SLP-DX420 (4" Direct Thermal Label Printer)

  • Fast & Intelligent
  • Shipping Label Solutions




 SPP-L3000 (3" Mobile Label Printer)

  • Compact mobile labeling solutions (1.53lbs)
  • with long lasting battery (2,600mAh)




 SPP-R200III (2" Mobile Receipt and Invoice Printer)

  • Compact mobile invoice solutions (0.50lbs)
  • with long lasting battery (1,200mAh)




Since the U.S federal government does not legalize cannabis, most stores in the U.S. generally rely on cash transactions, however some stores have recently started taking credit card payments.


Cannabis sales is becoming a highly profitable business and its interior and systems are now becoming equipped with modern technology. It necessitates a solution that wirelessly connects mPOS products with peripheral devices, which are suitable for interior and systems.

Until a product is sold, cannabis must be labeled with a variety of cautionary statements such as name, ingredients, date of cultivation, date of packing, date of sale, etc. The labeling of up to 3 - 5 labels per product is required. BIXOLON has been named the world’s number one for linerless labelling solutions which is removable and repositionable adhesive.   


SRP-Q300 + RTS-Q300 + BCD-3000 (mPOS System)

  • Battery option mPOS solution for both inside

        or 'Outside' of the store

SLP-DX220 (2" Direct Thermal Label Printer)

  • Compact product and container labeling solutio


SRP-S300 (3” Linerless Label Printer)

  • User-friendly & Lower TCO design

  • Online order taking solutions


 Linerless Solutions

  • Eliminating the waste of traditional silicon label liner backing paper
  • Available in two types of adhesive; Permanent and Restick


 SRP-350plusIII (3” POS Printer)

  • Reliable and High quality
  • Retail solutions

 Cloud based Online Order

  • Cloud Server Printing, Google Cloud Printing



BIXOLON's XPM solution is an all-in-one solution for real-time information on all printers used from cultivation to sales management.

  • Web-based MDM gives flexibility to access printer settings and real-time printer data at anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Powerful features including device management, F/W updates, scheduling etc

  • Provides sight to manage better& achieve more



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