• The Easiest Way to Install Windows Drivers for BIXOLON Network Printers

    Posted by BIXOLON July 15, 2020

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As network printers can be shared remotely by multiple users, requires less maintenance and training, they have been preferred by IT managers and most businesses have opted for them to produce receipts and labels. The only small drawback is that they are not as simple as plug-and-play devices to set up in the first stage. Connecting a network printer with manual settings could be a hassle which involves series of processes to input the IP address and create a port to install the drivers.  


Aligning with its ongoing efforts to develop a comprehensive hardware and software solutions that raise the bar of process efficiency and productivity, BIXOLON has newly come up with the Network Auto Installer. The program remarkably simplifies the bothersome setup procedure with a one-click-installation by automatically detecting and retrieving the IP information of active printers currently connected to the same network as the host device. The software is specifically designed for BIXOLON POS, label and mobile printers in Windows based environment; Drivers by Seagull™ are only supported for label (mobile label) printers. 


BIXOLON believes that the Network Auto Installer will add some primary benefits to today’s efficiency-oriented workplaces. All that users are now asked is to tick the box for the auto installation option, select the printer from the list. The tool will do the rest without the need to click through multiple stages of Driver Wizard nor go back to the previous page to modify incorrect IP address. Just one click and the drivers will be installed. 



Previous Driver Installation

BIXOLON Network Auto Installer


Compatible Windows Versions

  • Label : Windows 7 ~ Windows 10
  • Receipt : Windows XP SP3 ~ Windows 10


Supported BIXOLON Printers

Label Printers:

  • SLP-DX220, SLP-DL410, SLP-DX420
  • SLP-TX220, SLP-TX400, SLP-TX420
  • SRP-770III/E770III, XD3-40 Series, XD5-40 Series, XL5-40
  • XT5-40 Series


POS Printers:

  • SRP-Q300, SRP-S300, SRP-F310II
  • SRP-380, SRP-350plusIII
  • SRP-S3000, SRP-S320, SRP-S200, SRP-B300, BK3-31


Mobile Printers:

  • XM7 Series, SPP-L310, SPP-L3000, SPP-L410
  • SPP-R200II, SPP-R200III, SPP-R210, SPP-R220
  • SPP-R300, SPP-R310, SPP-R400, SPP-R410


For more information, visit, or speak to your local BIXOLON sales representative.

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