• Recent Developments in Food Allergen Management Labelling

    Posted by BIXOLON April 6, 2021

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As food allergy management continues to be a global hot topic, government food standards agencies across the world are putting pressure on hospitality companies to update their labelling of their pre-packaged for direct sale (also known as PPDS) foods to protect consumers health when purchasing food products. The updated labelling requirements include documenting the product’s name, a full list of ingredients and highlighting allergens. 


These regulations are aimed at businesses who prepare prepacked for direct sale (PPDS) foods for direct sale to the consumer on their premises, this could be pre-prepared sandwiches, salads, confectionary and more. These types of foods are packaged before they are purchased by the consumer and are typically found in display units, behind counters or sold in mobile/temporary outlets. These simple information updates provide essential information to people who suffer food allergies or intolerances, helping them to make PPDS food choices at self-service points where there is often very little or no staff interaction. 


What labelling options are out there?

These updated labelling requirements effect businesses of any size from small cafés or bistros to larger hospitality chains bringing in new technological printing requirements. Batch buying pre-printed labels or handwriting sticky labels can be very time and cost consuming. They are also problematic to update if recipes are revised to include new ingredients which by law will need to be updated on the packaging immediately.

An alternative solution would be to look into self-label printing. There are many options on the market today, from traditional silicon linered pre-cut, re-stick labels to linerless labels which provides flexibility allowing variable label length depending on the content required.

Why go linerless?

Characterised as pressure-sensitive labelling with a special release coating applied on the face of the label, linerless labels provide up to 40% more labels per roll than traditional label media by simply removing the requirement of silicon backing paper. Available in a range of adhesive strengths from re-stick to permanent depending on the application requirement. 

Providing flexibility and a range of environmental benefits, BIXOLON delivers a portfolio of linerless labelling options from traditional desktop printers to compact mobile label printers.


SRP-S300 Series

  • Direct Thermal printer at 203dpi offering 40/58/62/83mm media widths
  • Ideal for high humidity kitchen environments
  • With a specialized back-feed function to minimize the top margin of the label by up to 20%
  • Optional Taken Sensor™ that stops printing until the current label has been removed from the printer
  • Connects to various USB peripherals, web & cloud based printing




  • World’s first exclusively dedicated permanent linerless desktop label printer
  • Producing fast printing speed up to 6 ips (152mm/sec) of media up to 114mm
  • Optional Taken Sensor™ that stops printing until the current label has been removed from the printer
  • Equipped with Twin function™ and free advanced-level label editing software



BIXOLON Mobile Labelling Range

  • Direct Thermal, lightweight  mobile printers offering 58/80/112mm media widths
  • Compatible with all major operating systems including iOS®, Android® and Windows®
  • Supporting long battery lives with a range of application accessories



To find out more about BIXOLON’s linerless labelling range and why it is the printer of choice for many UK and European Hospitality companies, visit or speak to your local BIXOLON sales representative.




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