• Flawless Mobile Specimen Collection at Drive-through COVID-19 Test Centres

    Posted by BIXOLON September 21, 2020

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As of September 2020, the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) continues to spread despite months of persistent effort, involving 184 countries with more than 29.7million confirmed cases. While people around the world have been finding it hard to adapt to the New Normal, large-scale testing for the virus is considered to be of critical importance to identify cases as early as possible and conduct prompt contact tracing. In order to maximise testing capacity, a number of healthcare organizations have seen the advantages of drive-through testing such as the prevention of cross-infection between patients in a waiting space, the speed of administering tests and reduced staffing requirements. 


The steps in specimen collection at the drive-through test centres consist of registration, examination, specimen collection, and instructions. The samples collected at the site are identified with handwritten or printed labels including patients’ information and the time of collection for accurate testing at a clinical lab. Some countries where pre-registration is available, labels for specimens are prepared in advance to reduce the distance staff need to walk back and forth. Whereas in countries visitors will be seen without a pre-registration, where time is required to access identification and printing sample labels from a stationary kiosk. Labelling specimens far away from the point of collection would also increase the risk for errors. 


Equipping front-line workers with rugged mobile printing solutions enables the smooth running of the test site. Clinical staff scan a patient's ID using a mobile computer at a distance, and sends the data to the national hospital system to create an account. A specimen label can be instantly printed using the data and a mobile label printer. BIXOLON’s mobile printers are optimised for this application to enable optimum DT centres to functionality. Staff can save time reducing idle walking time between the car and the station to print a label, enabling workflow to be streamlined and the testing process is expedited. This will facilitate more tests for symptomatic patients and significantly elevate capacity of each centre per day. Labels instantly printed by the car can also help prevent mis-identification.



Featuring the SPP-L3000 a premium mobile label printer,

  • Fully rugged form factor enduring multiple drops from 2.1 m / 7 ft
  • IP54 rate sealed to withstand water, dust and extreme weather conditions 
  • Perfect compatibility with major operating systems including Android™, iOS™ and Windows®
  • Fast data processing and print speed of up to 5 ips (127 mm/sec)
  • Longest battery runtimes with 2600 mAh capacity 
  • Reliable wireless capability simultaneously connecting both Bluetooth and WLAN
  • Easy to use with LCD and ergonomic design


Put BIXOLON’s industry leading mobile technology in the hands of front-line workers to increase productivity and create a safer working environment in DT centres.


If you have any questions about the SPP-L3000, please speak to your local Sales Representative, so they can guide you through details or visit


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