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    Posted by BIXOLON May 13, 2019

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Enabling businesses to take payments whenever and wherever they need, mobile POS system is a great solution to reduce queues, drive new sales opportunities and increase the total revenue across all vertical markets including retail, public sector and transportation.


All-in-one payment terminals have been recognized as a convenient tool for mobile payments however, with the rising infiltration of smartphones and tablets in business allowing staff to increase productivity and customer engagement, alongside the introduction of the BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) movement in working environments. Mobile payments are often executed by bundle solutions consisting of a host device, payment terminal and receipt printer which has been widely adopted to deliver seamless, fully fledged POS experiences.


BIXOLON offers two types of mPOS solutions; the SPP-A200 and their SPP-R215C, benefiting merchants of all sizes from SMBs to large retailers, in terms of portability, ease of development and operational efficiency.


While many of the all-in-one payment devices out there are equipped with small LCD displays some  come in heavy and outmoded bodies. the BIXOLON’s mPOS solutions are compact and lightweight reducing worker fatigue and drive significant gains in productivity, paired with a pocket-sized smart phone or a tablet built with bigger-than-5-inch displays. Incorporating premium printing solutions with secure payment functionalities, BIXOLON simplifies the hardware system allowing staff to carry only two pieces of equipment instead of three to take payments at anytime, anywhere.


Ease of Development and Operational Efficiency
Simply docked and connected to the third-party Pin Entry Device (PED), the SPP-A200 thermal mobile printer brings exceptional printing ability to the PED to implement a fully functional payment solution. The two modules are integrated physically through a connector to provide seamless communication, simplify the complexity of wireless connectivity in the development stage and ensure reliable operations within in the field. Its built-in 7.4 V Li-ion, 1,200mAh battery offers a 31-hour standby time once fully charged and the power supply simultaneously charges the printer and the PED.

Currently working in collaboration with the SPP-A200, the Miura M020 Pin Entry Device supports all types of payment methods and is approved by security and scheme certifications including; PCI 5.0 Certified/Common.SECC, EMV and contactless. While compatible with major mobile wallets, scheme brands, alongside FeliCa, ApplePay, SamsungPay and Google Pay.

Available at an affordable price point, the SPP-R215C is industry’s most compact 2” mobile receipt and ticket printer with the integrated card reader (MSR+SCR) providing customer receipts. Accredited by EMV Leve 1,2, the SPP-R210 produces print speeds of 90mm per second and 203dpi print quality. Used in the field for door-to-door sales, paid-for services in a wide variety of industries including cosmetics, utilities and delivery, the SPP-R215C is currently only available in Korea.


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