• What are the benefits of SoftAP Printers?

    Posted by BIXOLON April 8, 2019

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Many businesses requiring wireless printing solutions in markets such as Retail, Hospitality, Payment, Logistics and Warehousing are expanding and strengthening their wireless solutions using new mobile infrastructure technology. Wi-Fi connectivity was always a key factor in this trend but has historically been complex when linking up non-LCD embedded industrial printers to Wi-Fi networks.

For instance, Ad-Hoc and Wi-Fi direct one-to-one network systems are popular methods for setting up Wi-Fi printers. However, the user experience to configure these networks has always been a challenge, requiring an understanding of various technical concepts such as node, encryptions, security, etc.


BIXOLON is aware of these issues and has provided a solution which removes the complexity of Wi-Fi networking its printers. Since 2017 BIXOLON has adopted a new mode called SoftAP onto a selection of its printers to enable easy Wi-Fi setup. Its printers enabled with SoftAP act as an access point (virtual router). Users can then directly connect their mobile devices or computers with a BIXOLON printer (without using a Wi-Fi router) using the SoftAP function.



Easy Wi-Fi setup with SoftAP printers


The SoftAP mode establishes a wireless network using BIXOLON printers. In other words, when this mode is enabled, the printer becomes an access point(AP) requiring users to only know two pieces of information, the SoftAP’s network name (SSID) and password. The connection is then established via below steps.


  • Turn on the BIXOLON SoftAP printer
  • Search the SoftAP’s network name (SSID) and enter the password using the host
  • The SSID and password will then be sent to the printer through the SoftAP connection by the host device


These steps are very similar to a normal AP connection procedure enabling easy setup without hesitation.


The SoftAP mode is the simplest way to setup Wi-Fi with existing one-to-one network connection methods programmed for the BIXOLON printer. This SoftAP mode is available for following products:


  • Mobile Printers: SPP-R200IIIplus, SPP-R310plus, SPP-R410, SRP-L310 and SPP-L3000
  • Label Printers: XT5-40  
  • POS Printers: SRP-Q300, SRP-S300, SRP-F310II, SRP-380 and SRP-350plusIII


For more information visit or alternatively speak to your local BIXOLON sales representative.




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