• BIXOLON SRP-383: A Top Choice For POS Applications Demanding High Print Quality

    Posted by BIXOLON March 5, 2019

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When selecting the right printer for a POS application, various factors need to be considered and print resolution is a key requirement. 180dpi or 203dpi print faster and produce an identifiable image for most applications, but when it comes to printing small fonts, intricate barcodes, and graphics, higher print resolution is often required. Offering 300dpi the highest resolution in the POS printer market, BIXOLON SRP-383 claims to be a top choice for those needs.


Superb print quality


It is logical that higher resolutions meet enhanced clarity, sharpness, and readability. SRP-383 ensures crisp, clear printing of 1-D and 2-D bar codes, quality texts and complex logo graphics ideal for documents such as tax refund receipts in multiple languages, invoices composed of data tables or lengthy terms and conditions. Ideal for retailers who are trying to drive sales and loyalty with coupons on receipts, print quality is the critical element in finding the right printer.


If you refer to the diagram below, the images and texts at 300dpi are more recognizable and more clearly defined.

Lower TCO and improved sustainability


The SRP-383 prints a receipt comprised of high-density contents at 300dpi consumes 53% less paper than printing the same at 180dpi. Powered by the proprietary Auto Receipt Resize technology, the SRP-383 changes to print from 4-inch to 3-inch or 3-inch to 2-inch and cuts down on the use of paper by up to 52%. The technology doesn’t require users to change the original software of host devices such as driver or middleware therefore, the print quality won’t deteriorate as the sizing is reduced.

These innovative paper saving solutions help improve sustainability by eliminating a significant amount of waste to landfills and CO2 emissions.

Powered by TTF Font downloader™ the new utility, which easily stores True Type Fonts is already installed in the operating system of the thermal POS printer. The SRP-383 also enables IT managers to make use of a variety of receipt font styles while reducing time and cost required for developing each font. The program provides functions for downloading, editing and test printing of fonts.

Producing perfect, scannable barcodes

A 300dpi printhead allows more information to fit into smaller barcodes. The SRP-383 prints a reduced size of barcode containing a greater volume data than those printed at 180dpi or 203dpi. It’s recommended to select a printer that supports 300dpi when a relatively large amount of data needs to be stored in a barcode to avoid printing partially cut barcodes. The SRP-383 easily prints compliant, scannable barcodes onto receipt paper.

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