• RFID Labelling for Libraries

    Posted by BIXOLON August 24, 2021

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Used in libraries for decades, electromagnetic (EM) technology and radio frequency (RF) have provided libraries theft detection. As the library industry evolves to meet user trends and a post pandemic world, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology provides libraries with an innovative solution for improving traditional library practices and processes.


Why use RFID labels in libraries?

RFID solutions can prevent human error and increase efficiency. RFID labels are applied to library materials and programmed with identification and security information. Compared to a barcode, the labels can be read remotely (such as a circulation desk or staff station) to identify items or to detect the status on materials. With the use of RFID readers, library staff can read multiple items at the same time, whether it’s through a cover or at staff stations speeding up the amount of time to find, process, and inventory items throughout the library. Ultimately increasing the productivity of staff, RFID labels improve several of the day-to-day functions in libraries including:


·         Identification

   Identification of book details; stack number, accession number, book number,

   author information, etc.

·         Check-in Desk

   Management of borrowing and returning

·         Check-in Kiosk

   Fast scanning the books information

·         Book Drop Station 

   Return books any time 24 x 7

·         Shelf Management

   Stock Verification: Easy and quick verify the more the 100,000 books per day

   Searching a book: Location of books to facilitate the search and placement

·         Security Gate

   Prevention and detection for the unauthorized removal of library assets



BIXOLON's RFID printers provide fast and reliable performance when ​printing and ​encoding RFID labels. Ideal for environments such as libraries, BIXOLON’s XT5-40NR and XD5-40tR support UHF RFID printing and encoding capabilities. The built-in LCD with user-friendly functions enhances visibility and tracking performance. By closely spacing RFID inlay (minimum pitch of 0.6 inches / 16mm) it reduces media waste and decreases the media replacement cycle.



·          4-inch Industrial Label printer

·          203, 300, 600 dpi resolution options

·          4.3-inch full-color touch LCD

·          Printing speed up to 14 ips (356mm/sec)

·          Multiple interface (Bluetooth, WLAN, Parallel, USB, Ethernet (industry’s fater 1Gbit/sec supports)

·          Auto-cutter, peeler, rewinder, rewinder + peeler



·          4-inch Desktop Label printer

·          Bult-in LCD

·          Printing speed up to 6 ips (152mm/sec)

·          Various interface (USB, USB Host, Serial, Ethernet, Bluetooth, WLAN)

·          Auto-cutter, peeler


BIXOLON’s comprehensive RFID label printers address the needs of libraries as well as the challenges faced by library staff. Contact the BIXOLON team for more information or to discuss your printing requirements.


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