• BIXOLON's Linerless Labelling Solutions for Healthcare

    Posted by BIXOLON August 12, 2020

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Hospitals are generally categorised as fast-paced environments requiring efficiency and speed to provide optimum patient care and maintain staff satisfaction. Staff are often demanded to carry out complex tasks working with sensitive information which requires precise reporting to reduce errors. Traditionally this type of information was hand written, however to improve the speed and accuracy there has been a rapid adoption of barcode labelling as a way to store, report and track important information within the Healthcare industry.


Today, medical labelling is used for a variety of applications from documenting patient medical histories, diagnosis and treatment; to providing vital prescription information or documenting medical samples. Labels have become an important communicator for both medical facilities and pharmacies where accurate labelling of items can guarantee the right care is provided to the patient.
However as the demand for medical assistance continues to rise, many institutions are looking for more cost and time-efficient labelling solutions.


BIXOLON offers a linerless labelling solution which meets the market’s demand. Linerless media is a pressure-sensitive label with a special release coating applied on the face of the label without silicon liner. Linerless labelling solutions help to enhance time efficiency while reduce unnecessary slippery silicon-backed liner waste and even save operational costs. Linerless labelling offers the following benefits;


ㆍ Time efficiency
ㆍ Eco-Friendly
ㆍ Safe working environment
ㆍ More labels per roll
ㆍ Cuts operational cost


Since BIXOLON introduced its exclusive linerless label printer, the XL5-40 and B-linerless™ media to the Healthcare market, the printer has provided the industry with numerous efficiency and productivity printing benefits due to its initiative design and value added features. 


The linerless solution offers anti-jamming, anti-curling, long-lasting two-platen rollers, special paper path, and top down guillotine cutting system to provide high reliability and reduced maintenance. Alongside its Taken Sensor™, a peel off sensor, which allows a queuing system for labels so the next label will only be printed once the current label has been removed reducing labelling mistakes.


The XL5-40 is also capable of printing up to 40% more labels compared to legacy label media. Supporting variable length label printing from a single printer, reducing printer expenses and media purchase, storage and transportation while offering greater flexibility for label design and content.


For more information on BIXOLON’s XL5-40 linerless labelling solution and B-linerless™ media, please talk to your local BIXOLON sales representative.

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