• Simple Wi-Fi access for iOS printer: BIXOLON’s Smart Connection™ Technology

    Posted by BIXOLON October 16, 2018

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Connecting printers to a localized Wi-Fi has always been a challenge. As technology continues to evolve, people expect to have immediate Wi-Fi access to their printers in a variety of applications such as Retail, Logistics, Transportation, Payments and Deliveries. However there are a range of issues to consider including: the IP address, security, SSID, encryption, etc when looking into device connectivity.

BIXOLON’s Smart Connection Technology

BIXOLON has addressed this issues with the Easy Setup Utility app which easily connects iOS mobile printers to available Wi-Fi networks. Available through the App Store®, the Easy Setup Utility features Smart Connection technology which enables BIXOLON users to experience Wi-Fi Infrastructure mode with simple and easy connection.

The Easy Setup Utility app is compatible with the following BIXOLON mobile printer models: SPP-R200IIIplus, SPP-R310plus and SPP-R410.

How does the App Work

Using BIXOLON’s Smart Connection technology it simplifies the time-consuming process of connecting devices to Wi-Fi. Requiring only an SSID and Password, the host provides and encrypts this information into UDP format and sends it to the printer. The printer will then be connected to the Wi-Fi network in DHCP mode using the given SSID and Password.

It’s about as simple as it can be: Just download the app.

  • APP Tutorial

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